PUBG Mobile Cracks Down on Cheaters: Over 500,000 Accounts Banned

PUBG Mobile Cracks Down on Cheaters: Over 500,000 Accounts Banned
PUBG Mobile Cracks Down on Cheaters: Over 500,000 Accounts Banned (Image via: @PUBGMOBILE X Handle)

On June 10, 2024, PUBG Mobile revealed its latest efforts to combat cheating in the game. Between May 31 and June 6, the game permanently suspended 534,570 accounts and 19,380 devices. This crackdown is part of their ongoing “Ban Pan” initiative, which aims to provide a fair gaming environment.

During the same week, PUBG Mobile also removed 721 online cheat ads that had amassed 711,010 followers and views. This move is intended to reduce the spread of cheating tools and maintain game integrity.

The Ban Pan Initiative

The Ban Pan initiative was introduced to target cheaters and ensure a level playing field for all players. The system has seen several updates, with Ban Pan 2.0 being the latest version. Ban Pan 2.0 includes advanced measures such as the Fog of War anti-cheat system and an improved AI to detect suspicious behavior​​.

Fog of War Anti-Cheat System

The Fog of War system focuses on preventing cheats that allow players to see through walls (X-Ray vision). It works by only sending visible data to players’ devices, making it impossible for cheating software to access information about other players’ locations beyond their immediate surroundings. This method is designed to enhance accuracy and reduce the chances of false detections​​.

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Improved AI and Eagle Review System

The updated Ban Pan AI can now automatically review and penalize suspicious activities using machine learning. This AI isolates suspected cheaters to minimize their impact on other players. Alongside this, the Eagle Review system enables senior investigators to assess suspicious matches in real-time and impose appropriate penalties, ensuring that decisions are accurate and fair​​.

Community and Reporting Features

PUBG Mobile has also improved its user interface for reporting cheaters. The new system is more user-friendly, allowing players to report suspicious activities quickly and receive feedback from the support team. This enhancement aims to foster a community where players feel empowered to help maintain fairness​.

The Impact of Cheating on Gaming

Cheating remains a significant issue in online gaming, affecting player experience and game balance. Games like PUBG Mobile continually evolve their anti-cheat measures to stay ahead of cheaters. The removal of cheat ads and the permanent suspension of accounts and devices are crucial steps in this ongoing battle.

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The Importance of Fair Play

For competitive games, maintaining a fair environment is essential. Cheaters not only disrupt the gaming experience but also undermine the efforts of legitimate players. PUBG Mobile’s strict measures demonstrate their commitment to fairness and their dedication to providing a positive gaming experience for all players.