New Horror Game “Fear the Spotlight” Unveiled by Blumhouse Games

New Horror Game "Fear the Spotlight" Unveiled by Blumhouse Games
New Horror Game “Fear the Spotlight” Unveiled by Blumhouse Games (Image via: @PlayStation X Handle)

June 11, 2024 – Blumhouse Games, known for its success in the horror movie industry, is venturing into the gaming world with its latest project, “Fear the Spotlight.” This new horror game, developed by Cozy Game Pals, was showcased at the Summer Games Fest and later at the Day of the Devs event.

“Fear the Spotlight” is a tribute to classic 90s horror games. It features retro 3D art, eerie exploration, and puzzle-solving elements. The game centers on Vivian and her friend Amy, who sneak into Sunnyside High for a seance. When things go wrong, Vivian must navigate the school’s dark corridors, avoid a lurking monster, and uncover the tragic history of a past fire that haunts the building​​.

The game promises a rich, story-driven experience with a focus on tension and atmosphere. Players will solve tactile puzzles and engage in stealth sequences, avoiding the monster’s gaze to survive​​.

“Fear the Spotlight” first launched in September 2023 for PC and quickly gained a positive reception. The game’s success caught the attention of Blumhouse Games, leading to a collaboration that aims to bring the game to a broader audience. The updated version, set to release in Fall 2024, will include over an hour of new story content and additional language support. Original Steam purchasers will receive a free upgrade to this new version​​.

Blumhouse’s entry into the gaming industry is marked by a commitment to creating diverse horror experiences. “Fear the Spotlight” is one of several projects in development, highlighting the company’s dedication to expanding its horror genre expertise from films to interactive media​​.

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Fans of classic horror games and new players alike can look forward to “Fear the Spotlight” on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch later this year​.