Fortblox Codes (June 2024)

Fortblox Codes
Fortblox Codes (Image via: Artemis Studios!)

Fortblox, a popular FPS game on Roblox inspired by Fortnite, offers players an exciting mix of building and combat. As of June 2024, new and active codes are available to enhance your gaming experience by providing free B-Bucks, skins, and other rewards.

All Fortblox Codes

Here are the current active codes:

  • TYFROMDEVS: 2,500 B-Bucks (New)
  • 1x1x1x1: Free rewards
  • MAYTHE4TH: White Trooper skin
  • SORRYFORDELAY: 1,500 B-Bucks (New)
  • RISKY: 1,500 B-Bucks
  • RIPFORTBLOX: Free rewards
  • CHAPTER2: 2,000 B-Bucks
  • WEARESORRY: 10,000 Wood
  • RAMIREZ: Default Skin
  • 100KFAVORITES: 1,500 B-Bucks
  • 63KLIKES: 1,000 B-Bucks
  • NEWYEARS2024: Free rewards
  • BIGHEADFTW: 1,000 B-Bucks
  • WINTER2023: B-Bucks
  • CHRISTMAS2023: 1,000 B-Bucks
  • 10MILLIONVISITS: 1,000 B-Bucks
  • 8MILLY: 800 B-Bucks
  • THANKSGIVING: 1,000 Wood
  • 4KDISCMEMBERS: 1,000 B-Bucks

How to Redeem Fortblox Codes

Redeeming codes in Fortblox is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Fortblox: Start the game on Roblox.
  2. Click on Rewards: Find this button at the top right of your screen.
  3. Press Codes: This will open a text box where you can enter your codes.
  4. Enter the Code: Type or paste the active code from the list above.
  5. Press Submit: If the code is valid, you will receive your rewards immediately. If not, try reloading the game​.

Getting More Codes

To stay updated with the latest codes, you can:

  • Join the Fortblox Roblox Group and Discord: These platforms often share new codes and updates.
  • Check Websites Regularly: Websites like India Network News, Jankari News, and other gaming news sites frequently update their lists of active codes​.
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Game Tips and Tricks

Fortblox combines strategic building with intense combat. Here are some tips to excel:

  • Build Wisely: Use your resources to construct strong defenses quickly.
  • Stay Mobile: Constantly move to avoid being an easy target.
  • Team Up: Playing with friends can provide tactical advantages.

Using these codes and tips, you can gain an edge in Fortblox, enhancing both your gameplay and overall experience. Enjoy your time in the game and make the most of these freebies while they last!