PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball Super Team Up for Epic Collaboration

PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball Super Team Up for Epic Collaboration
PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball Super Team Up for Epic Collaboration (Image via: PUBG MOBILE X HANDLE)

PUBG Mobile has announced a major collaboration with the popular anime series Dragon Ball Super, offering players a unique gaming experience starting on June 7, 2024. This event introduces two new game modes, exclusive character abilities, and themed environments that bring the world of Dragon Ball into the PUBG Mobile universe.

The collaboration includes two distinct Dragon Ball Super modes: the Dragon Ball Super Themed Mode and the Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super Mode. In the Dragon Ball Super Themed Mode, players can collect all seven Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and gain powerful buffs. This mode features iconic locations from the Dragon Ball series, such as Dragon Ball Village, Kame House, Karin Tower, and the Tenkaichi Budokai arena. Players can also gather “Ki” energy to perform special moves like the Kamehameha and the Buku-jutsu​.

The Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super Mode offers a new map designed in an anime style. Players can choose to play as their favorite Dragon Ball characters, including Son Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Piccolo, and Ultimate Gohan. This mode emphasizes using special powers instead of conventional weapons, adding a fresh twist to the traditional PUBG Mobile gameplay​​.

In addition to these new modes, the update brings several new items and features to the game. Players can use the Dragon Radar to locate Dragon Balls and other valuable items, and the Hoipoi Capsule can transform into a three-seater Air Car for quick transportation across the battlefield. The update also introduces a new firearm, the ACE32, which uses 7.62mm ammo and is available on all maps​​.

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The collaboration is part of PUBG Mobile’s ongoing efforts to integrate popular culture into the game, following previous partnerships with other iconic franchises. Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG MOBILE Publishing at Tencent Games, highlighted the synergy between the themes of overcoming challenges in both Dragon Ball and PUBG Mobile, making this collaboration a natural fit​.

This event will run until September 4, 2024, offering players plenty of time to explore the new modes, complete special missions, and collect exclusive Dragon Ball-themed rewards. Fans can look forward to themed outfits, accessories, and even character transformations inspired by the anime, such as Goku going Super Saiyan​.